Online STEM Course, STEM Module Course, Smartcircuits Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Become an innovator at young age

We at Smartcircuits Innovation foster this curiosity in children and re-enforce science and technology related subjects in a fun, exciting and practical way in order to allow them to investigate and encourage them to ask questions about the world.

We combine education with a practical and fun approach to nurture your child’s natural curiosity.


15 Sessions including theory, principals and hands-on activity based experimental learning. 


Introduction about STEM Education, learning new concepts, enhancing practical knowledge about reflection, motor, battery, digestive system, universe, electricity etc.


Periscope, Electric Circuit, Conductivity Test, Balloon Car, Day & Night Model & Eclipses, Coloring Bot, Projector, Play with Motor, Parachute, Stethoscope, Filtration Traffic Light, Mechanism of Breathing, Direction Using Compass, Constellation Activity and others (Total 25 Projects)


Course includes STEM kit which includes all the material required for development of projects. Course will start once you will receive the kit


The course is geared for beginners. No prior knowledge in STEM required.


  • Certificate signed by NASA Scientist and Alumni Harvard University
  • Meritorious Students will get free mentorship from experts
  • Top 1% to go to ISRO*
Online STEM Course, STEM Module Course, Smartcircuits Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Smartciruits Innovation has been appreciated by Mr. Troy D. Cline, Director, NASA STEAM Innovation Lab, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, USA


About us

  • 100,000+ students trained
  • 200+ schools using our solutions
  • 6+ years of solid experience teaching school-going children
  • Won 5+ international competitions in Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Published research articles in International Journals of repute
  • Won Best STEM learning Company of the Year, 2019 – IESA 2019

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