Science is the key to the future- it gives us the tools to explore our world and discover new ones. With so many opportunities in science, maths and technology available today, kids are absorbing those subjects with their dreams of future career mind- from biology to physics to computer science.



Smartciruits Innovation has been appreciated by Dr. V. Adhimurthy from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

  • 100,000+ students trained
  • 200+ schools using our solutions
  • 6+ years of solid experience teaching school-going children
  • Won 5+ international competitions in STEM, Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Published research articles in International Journals.
  • Won Best STEM learning Company of the Year, 2019 – IESA 2019
  • Finalist of Global Education Awards (GESA)
  • Appreciated and Recognized by Former President of India Late Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam