Basic Robotics Course


Basic Robotics Course

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The main idea of the Robotics Basics Course is to build future leaders by providing them basic knowledge and creating interest in Robotics Field. Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in mind the methodologies and interests between the students.

The Robotics Course includes two kits : Electronics kit and Robotics Kit.

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  • Basics Robotics Course caters to the skillset development of the new age young citizens. Through experience and proper guidance, the course opens up a plethora of building up initiatives, implementation of raw ideas to a working model for the students.
  • The concepts, projects, interactive sessions that form an integral part of the course are manifestations of the student’s involvement in experiencing learning.
  • The 25 sessions are categorically designed to work towards developing the 21st-century skills which are communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and Creativity. The course encourages the advanced levels of building up and coding aided with challenges projects and assignments.
  • Through the journey of the course, the young minds get ready and prepared to deal with decision making, problem-solving, and logical handling of situations. Experiencing real-world challenges in a learning atmosphere helps the students to become self-reliant and confident, thereby ensuring holistic development.
  • You can schedule a DEMO class on our website

4 reviews for Basic Robotics Course

  1. Rajan Kumar

    My son Arnav has just completed the Robotics Course with Smartcircuits Innovation and it’s just amazing. He has learned a lot of new things and now we are looking forward to enrolling in other courses too. The Smartcircuits Innovation team members are very helpful and help my child in odd hours too. Moreover, after completing the course whenever Arnav has any problem they help him always. Thanks to Smartcircuits innovation for such a great job.

  2. Pankaj Kumar

    I have bought the course of Basic Robotics for my daughter. As mentioned in the demo I received 2 kits from the company. The trainer starts the course from basic. Smartcircuits team is really helpful in planning sessions for my daughter. They have the facility for the doubt sessions also and in a group, there are only 3 students. My daughter really loved the course.

  3. Harsh Kumar

    I have enrolled in Smartcircuits Innovation’s Basics Robotics Course. It was quite good. The content of the course is great, which includes in-depth knowledge of electronics, sensors, coding and robotics. The trainer was very good and polite. I recommend this course very much.

  4. Amjad Khan

    This is an awesome course. I bought this course for my son. I searched for the same course with other companies as well, but found this course worthful. If your child wants to learn robotics then Smartcircuit’s robotics course is the best one to buy.

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