Advance Robotics Course | Grade 7-12


Advance Robotics Course | Grade 7-12

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The main idea of Robotics Advance Course is to build future leaders by providing them basic knowledge and creating interest in Robotics Field. Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in minds the methodologies and interest between the students

Course Includes :

  1. Includes Electronics and Sensor kit with 10 electronics based projects, 5 programming based projects
  2. Bi-Ped Robot
  3. Hungry Robot
  4. 25 Live Sessions by Experts
  5. Certification
  • Skill Development : Technology Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation skills, Fine motor, Hand-Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning.
  • Certificate : After the successfully completion of course get certificate signed by Alumni of Harvard University, NASA Scientist and Alumni of IIM.


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