Astro Trek 60/700 Junior | D=60 / F=700mm Refractor Telescope

Astro Trek 60/700 Junior | D=60 / F=700mm Refractor Telescope


The Astro Trek  60x700Telescope Refractor.

Objective lens diameter: 60 mm. Focal length: 700 mm.

The compact Astro Trek Junior 60×700 AZ refracting telescope is a perfect choice for astronomy beginners. This telescope model makes a wonderful gift for an inquisitive teenager or an adult anyone ready to discover the amazing world of astronomical observations. The main features of the telescope are quality optics and easy intuitive control.

The Junior 60×700 AZ is best suited for observing the Moon and Solar System planets. All optical elements are covered with anti-reflective coating for the best image quality. The 5×24 finder scope is supplied with the telescope for easy navigation to celestial objects.

The kit also includes three eyepieces (H-20 mm & H-6 mm) 3x Barlow lens and 1.5x erecting eyepiece for terrestrial observations.

The telescope’s optical tube is set up on the altazimuth mount which is installed on an aluminum tripod with adjustable height and accessory tray.

The Kit Includes : –
Astro Trek Junior 60×700 AZ Telescope
Eyepieces: 20mm, 12.5mm, 4mm
1.5x erecting eyepiece –
3x Barlow lens 
Cleaning Cloth –
5×25 optical finder scope –
AZ (125 cm height) mount

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