I am working on a project i.e. D.I.Y. Scientific STEM Constructional Toys for kids age 5+ with a vision to drive to inspire the next generation of makers across the world.I have carefully & deeply studied the curricula & developed 250+ such Toys & combined them with what 21st-century skills would be required with the conceptual understanding of the content.These Scientific toys are based on Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Life Science & Environmental Science),Space Science, Mathematics & engineering. My core beliefs about toys for kids are centered on making learning fun for kids & developing a scientific temper with them.These toys aim to encourage curiosity, creativity, & flexible thinking in kids.The best thing about these toys is i.e. these toys are very economical ranging from USD 0.38 per toy to USD 0.70 per toy.These toys are coming up with instructional manuals,videos,& AR.

Impact of D.I.Y. Scientific Constructional Toys on Kids

Research Work : The Impact of Experiential Learning Approach on Students Performance

Experiential learning plays an important role in increasing the analytical skills and scientific temperament of the students. In addition, experiential learning has the potential to help students make deep and lasting connection with course material, supports student motivation for learning, heightens the impact of emotion on learning and promotes learning through critical reflection. In order to promote the experiential learning I have researched and developed hands-on activities, which are mapped with the curriculum and boost child’s confidence, curiosity and creativity. Students will do the activities in the classroom without the need of any laboratories or at their home. In addition, in this pandemic students are not going to school and not performing any experiments or activities but with these hands-on activities they can perform the activities even at the comfort of their home. This paper includes the analysis of the feedback of the pre-test and post-test scores of the students before and after the Hands-on-approach was given as well as students’ interview responses. The study showed positive improvement on both the students’ performance and participation on science or STEM based activities and willingness on the part of the teachers to use Hands-on-approach in communicating scientific concepts to their students

The Impact of Experiential Learning Approach on Students Performance


WINNER OF TOYCATHON 2022 by Government of India for development of affordable D.I.Y. Scientific STEM Toys for Kids