Smartcircuits Innovation Asteroid Search Program 2024

The Smartcircuits Innovation Asteroid Search Campaign is a distinctive educational outreach initiative organized by the Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Ltd. and the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC), led by Dr. Patrick Miller of Hardin-Simmons University, USA. Smartcircuits Innovation equips young learners with specialized training to search for asteroids in the Main Belt through advanced data analysis and custom-designed software.

Participants gain access to real-time data from the ‘Pan-STARRS’ (The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) Telescope, situated in Hawaii, USA. This telescope, with its 1.8 m (60 inch) aperture, surveys the sky for asteroids, comets, and Near-Earth Objects (NEO).

The campaign provides learners with exclusive access to astronomy images, typically unavailable until postgraduate studies. They receive training in advanced data analysis and software usage and have opportunities to interact with international scientists, culminating in invaluable real-time research experience. Through this campaign, learners make confirmed discoveries of Main Belt Asteroids and significant observations that contribute to NASA’s Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA).

Benefits of joining IASC Program

The background about asteroids and how to detect and prevent their impact

Effective ways to use the Astrometrica software
Data Analysis & Data Visualization
International recognition from IASC & NASA
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Registration Criteria


Students studying in grades V to XII are encouraged to participate.

 Each participant has to register separately. 







Smartcircuits Innovation Asteroid Search Campaign 2024

August 29 – September 23

Students who have participated in previous campaigns or already know the software can participate for free.

A nominal registration fee is required for students who need training by the experts. The fee includes two to three days of virtual training and ongoing virtual support from mentors throughout the campaign.

For any enquiry please contact us at +91-7015229749